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Fitness is an experience of the mind and the body.Evolve Women's Fitness centre offers you a premium experience promoting your personal exercising space that helps in creating a perfect balance between you and your fitness. It is a new beginning, Specially for women's a new journey towards achieving your fitness goals.

Every workout is a new experience for you because every small change made by you is supported by our fitness and nutrition experts. These small changes made every day by you make you feel better and closer towards your goal. Our multi-chain of fitness club is all about you and focuses on customer related service. In the end what matters for us, is you and your fitness. Whether you are seeking to stay in shape on your vacation or you just want to burn off some steam...


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Evolve Fitness for women is a world class gym exclusively dedicated to the health and fitness of women. Our female trainers, dietician and physiotherapist make you quite easy and comfortable while exercising.


    • Our fitness program is designed to provide a rounded workout that will help you achieve a good level of overall fitness.
    • Slim bodies tend to look attractive.
    • Improves overall health well-being and mood.
    • Prevents lifestyle-related reductions in health

    World class fitness equipments

    World Class Gym with latest fitness equipments – Dedicated Cardiovascular workout area for Strength and Conditioning.

    Extremely hygienic fitness studio

    Extremely hygienic workout area. We make our fitness club extra clean for you.

Yoga sessions

A fantastic mind/body workout. It improves flexibility and strengthens core, set to uplifting and inspirational music. This class will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed with a sense of well being and calmness.Reduces stress, tension and blood pressure. Improves circulation, digestion and body balance.

Yoga For Diabetes


For a good workout that is lot of fun our Aerobic classes are a good place to turn.These steps get your heart rate up, which conditions your heart and lungs, not to mention burning of calories and fat.